Who we are: A traditional Thai Homestay! We help the Kids in our community. Be a part of it. Be a Volunteer!

The homestay includes visits to see old Khmer temples and visits to the regions around Sing Buri and Lop Buri. The region is famous for its old Kymer temples, farms and local Thai pottery whilst the famous Monkey Temple is a just few kilometers away from Sing Buri.

The volunteer activities you can get involved in are intended for you to see deeper into how Thai people live. Along with your involvement in the local schools, you could also be invited to help out at weddings, local festivals and even a Thai funeral.

In your own time you can also choose to go horse riding or elephant riding and you can also visit the monkeys at the monkey temple. You can swim and go rafting at the waterfall, climb up the mountain and visit the floating market.  You can immerse yourself in traditional arts including Thai boxing where you can get lessons for free, clay pottery, meditation and Thai cooking at the homestay. These activities will give you a good insight into local life in Thailand.

There is even a Thai culture show and Thai karaoke available for you to enjoy your evenings like a thai local.

As a final surprise it’s also the only place in Thailand with fish ice cream and fish cake!

This is a wonderful way to see the ‘real’ Thailand and immerse yourself into local Thai culture. It is a way to put some value back into the local community on your trip and experience something that is truly special and full of surprises!

Visit the province of Singburi, and enjoy a traditional THAI life experience in our gorgeous Homestay.

I you are a tourist or a local resident, willing to visit the non-touristy, yet gorgeous, province of Singburi you are welcome to visit and stay with us at Peetim’s Homestay! We welcome everyone with open arms, whether your are a solo traveler or a  group of people, we are happy to meet host you and hope you will have an unforgettable stay! During your stay, if you are interested, you will be able to participate to our volunteer program : teach English to the kids and litte monks and play with them! If you are more interested in discovering the region of SingBuri, or do some activities, we will be able to guide you and arrange excursions for y


Cooking Class


If you’re tired of the taste of what you’re eating, reward yourself with a new kind of dish. Learn traditional Thai cooking in a breeze for 2 hours from our Cooking Class.



If you want to experience fun in fishing with your friends, try the One Day Fishing package for only 600TBH. Get a chance to catch a lot of big catfish!

Monkey Temple


Get a chance to enjoy and play around with the temple’s jumping monkeys for 2-hour guide. Lopburi, where the Monkey Temple is located, is just 15km from our home.

Ayutthaya Day Trip


Experience a splendid 8-hour tour with Thailand’s architectural and art heritage. Get to visit 3 ancient temples plus the well-known flooded marked

Bull Riding


Visit the Agriculture and Technology College with many farm animals, and have an amazing buffalo ride!

Shadow Museum


If you can’t get enough excitement in visiting just the temple alone. Visit the unique shadow puppet museum. A 4-hour tour will let you see all 300 playable shadow puppets in Nang Yai Museum.

Singburi Highlights


This tour will give you and your family a super memoir of what can be seen in the Central Thailand Province. Get to explore Singburi,  amazing Temple and majestic Golden Lying Buddha.



Lots of negative thoughts in mind? To achieve happiness and enlightenment, meditate and exercise your mind to reduce propensity of negativity. Get a chance to learn meditation techniques for 1-3 hours from a Buddhist monk.

Learn Thai Massage


Want to learn a new skill? Learn Thai Massage! Get a chance to pamper your family in learning the top healing massage technique within 4 hours. You also can get a Thaimassage at home.

Military Camp


If you are into unique yet fun experience, try our 7-8 hour Military Camp tour. From a starting package of 1000TBH, Get a chance as Parkour, and do Bungee jumping  or zipline with Thai soldiers.

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About Peetim’s Volunteering Program in Singburi Thailand:

If you are interested in volunteering with us, there are many schools where that the volunteers can choose to teach such as the young monks orphanage school, the agriculture college, Peetim’s school and various other local schools. All the schools welcome the volunteers with open arms. Students of all ages are grateful to receive English lessons as well as cultural exchange from the foreign teachers.  their spare time, the volunteers will have the opportunity to visit unique and wonderful places in the beautiful province of Singburi. The volunteers will have a variety of places that they can explore. Places such as: amazing looking temples, big lying Buddha image in Wat Pranon (Singburi town), the famous monkey town (Lopburi) etc. lf you have an interest in local Thai sports and fitness, you can try Muai Thai (kick boxing lessons are given by a local champion) or jogat yaga (taught by a monk). You can also learn Thai cooking, get Thai massage or even play football with the locals. There are a lot of places to see and things to do. You can also use one of the available bikes or scooters.

Working and living together with locals is the best way of getting a deeper understanding of any culture. Thai lifestyle is very different from your everyday life at home. Flexibility as well as tolerance and patience are needed to succeed as a foreign teacher. The accommodation is comfortable with air-conditioning, DVD player and a selection of DVD movies to choose from. There is wireless internet connection, music room, computer room and a karaoke room available 24\7. Experience teaching while having fun and enjoy the thrill of exploring unique and wonderful places.

Feel free to contact us or Peetim Homestay ! We are happy to tell you more about this volunteering program.

At the end of your homestay you will receive a certificate to state you successfully completed an English Teaching Project in Thailand consisting of reading, writing and conversational skills at primary school level (five to twelve year olds) signed by the Director of the local primary school.

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Stay at Peetim Homestay and have an unforgettable time!


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