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Ans : I was born in Singburi.
Ans : I learned how to speak English when I was in university doing my bachelors.
Ans : I graduated from Ratchapat university in Bangkok.
Ans : After I finished college, there was a government competition to search for English teachers. I won the competition and started teaching high school English.
Ans : I have been teaching English since 1984, so 30 years. I started teaching in 1 school but now I teach at more than 10.
Ans: 12 years ago, a friend of mine used to teach at a big high school that had native English speakers to teach English. I wanted them for my school too but my school could not afford the high salary that was required so I got the idea to invite volunteers to come live with me and teach English to kids.
Ans : When I first started, there was no Facebook so I had to personally email potential volunteers and invite them. My first volunteer was an American student. I had volunteers only for my school during the first year but gradually, the directors from other schools requested me to send volunteers at their schools too so now the volunteers can go to more than 10 schools.
Ans: I save up my salary and receive donations from time to time. However, it is not enough most of the time so I charge a small fee from the volunteers so that I can keep the program running.
Ans. This world is globalizing and English is becoming a very basic skill. The students need it to get higher education and to be able to compete in the job market.
Ans : The number of my student range from 100-150. Their ages range from 3 yrs to 15 yrs old.
Ans : It is when the kids become successful due to the skills they got from me. It is always amazing to see when a son or a daughter of a poor farmer becomes a nurse or a soldier because they had the chance for higher education. When the kids and their families have a higher quality of life because of their improved income, it makes me the happiest.
Ans: Working with volunteers can have many advantages. I have only travelled to border countries like Laos and Cambodia as its more economical so most foreigners I meet are through this program. There is a lot of sharing ideas and sharing culture. Infact, I got the idea of teaching the poor kids from a volunteer who wanted to teach during the weekends. Working with volunteers is also wonderful because I get to witness genuine goodness and kindness from all over the world.
Ans : My dream for the future is to have more volunteers with a successful program so that we can help the children reach their full potential. I believe that if we help the kids, we help the entire community. When children become highly educated and get good jobs, that is when this community will improve its quality of life.

Who we are: A traditional Thai Homestay! We help the Kids in our community. Be a part of it. Be a Volunteer!

Where is Peetim’s Homestay?

About our city “Singburi”

Singburi is the capital town of Sing Buri Province, where it lies around 135 km north of Bangkok, along the Chao Phraya River. It has a population of around 20,000, and the most important economic sector is agriculture, especially rice cultivation.

It’s a very quiet place that remains undiscovered by most tourists; however, it does have its share of local attractions such as few Buddhism temples, a huge Buddha statue, the famous monkey temple and museums.

Due to the wonders of nature that still needs to be explored in Sing Buri province, tourists and backpackers must include this area on their must-go-to list, as it is the perfect place to escape from the noise, the crowd and the pollution of the city. It is quite easy to get here from Bangkok, as it’s only about 2 hours away by public bus and about 1hr 30 minutes by car.

Another reason why Sing Buri Province is worth a visit is because of the warm hearted and always smiling locals! People in Sing Buri Province are believed to be the happiest people in all of Thailand! Aside from Sing Buri’s beautiful green landscape, tourists can also explore the old capital of Thailand – famous as it holds a lot of history – called Ayutthaya, which is just an hours’ drive from Singburi.

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Who we are: A traditional Thai Homestay that helps Kids in our community. Be part of it – be a Volunteer!

Peetim Homestay is located in Singburi town, about 135 kilometers north of Bangkok, and has a beautiful view with fireflies lighting up the evening sky. We provide comfortable accommodation, as we offer air-conditioning, DVD player and selection of DVD movies, plus wireless internet connection that is available everywhere. We also have a music room, computer room and karaoke room that is available 24/7.

During the weekends and the holidays at Peetim Homestay, students and children within the area are invited to join English classes, wherein volunteers from all parts of the world teach them to develop their language skills.

Visit the province of Singburi, and enjoy a traditional THAI life experience in our gorgeous Homestay.

Welcome to visit and stay with us at Peetim’s Homestay! We welcome everyone with open arms, whether you’re a solo traveler or a group of people, we are happy to meet-host you and hope you will have an unforgettable stay! During your stay, if you’re interested, you can be able to participate to our volunteer program: teach English to the kids and little monks, and play with them! If you are more interested in discovering the region of Singburi, or want to do some activities, we will be able to guide you and arrange excursions for you.

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About Peetim’s Volunteering Program in Singburi, Thailand:

If you are interested in volunteering with us, there are many schools around our Homestay which needs volunteers, wherein you will also teach young monks at orphanage schools, Agriculture College or at other local schools. All schools in Singburi welcomes volunteers with open arms while students of all ages here are grateful to receive English lessons, as well as cultural exchange from foreign teachers. After school,  volunteers will also have an opportunity to visit unique and wonderful places in the beautiful province of Singburi. 

The volunteers will have a There are variety of places volunteers can explore, such as amazing looking temples, big lying Buddha image in Wat Pranon (Singburi town), the famous monkey town (Lopburi) etc. If you rather want to spend your time in local Thai sports and fitness, you can try Muai Thai (kick boxing lessons are given by a local champion) or jogat yaga (taught by a monk). You can also learn Thai cooking, get Thai massage, you can also use one of the available bikes or scooters or even play football with the locals. There are lots of places and things to do and explore. Come and be a volunteer! 

Working and living together with the locals is the best way of getting a deeper understanding of any culture, as Thai lifestyle is very different from your everyday life at home. Flexibility, as well as tolerance and patience, are needed to succeed as a foreign teacher. Experience teaching while having fun, and enjoy the thrill of exploring unique and wonderful places. Feel free to contact us! We are happy to give more details about our volunteering program.

At the end of your homestay, you will receive a certificate which states that you successfully completed an English Teaching Project in Thailand. The certification includes reading, writing and conversational skills at primary school level (five to twelve year olds), signed by the Director of the local primary school.

Stay at Peetim Homestay and have an unforgettable time!


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