Thai Boxing Training – Short Stays- and Summer Camps

SUMMER 2016 – BEGINNERS – OR ADVANCED – (open to all Ages, all nationalities WELCOME!)

Peetim Homestay offers summer Muay Thai boxing training camps to locals and travelers coming to Thailand.

Improve your Muay Thai skills. Train with a Thai Champion, no matter what age you are the best Muay Thai camp.

Muay Thai camp is one of the most popular martial arts today. Try it and experience a different kind of vacation.

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Thai Boxing Training! Every Friday!

Experience the real Thai Life and culture at Peetim’s Homestay and have the most memorable journey!

About the Thai Boxing class:

Why make an effort in going to boxing centers if you can learn it from home? Learn Thai boxing from champions at the luxury of our home. The class will give you access to learn some Thai boxing kicks and moves.

Here is the program for Fridays:

2 pm – Arrival at Peetims Homestay in Singburi
3 pm – Thai Boxing class from champions
5:30 pm – Dinner together
7pm – Going back to Bangkok or stay for few drinks over night!

About Thai boxing fight: Our friend is the champion of Bangkok 2014. He will have a bit of a fight evrery month  and we can go together and support him! Its a awesome expirience to watch Thaiboxing togther and it is for FREE for Peetim’s guests!


The thaifight on friday and the thaiboxing training is for FREE. If you wanna have Lunch or Dinner, its cost 150 THB per meal. Drinkingwater is included! The ticket for Thaiboxing fight cost 200 THB for the men and 100 THB for the Women but for us its for FREE. Taxi cost to the fight we will share as well 50-80 THB each.

The drinks are not included: We can go together in buying the alcohol in a store close by. For everyone who wants to stay at the homestay on Friday or Saturday can have a VERY NICE dorm bed for only 400 THB (12$) /night, Breakfest included.

How to join the event?

You can easily get to our place by a bus for only 120 Baht from Bangkok. Buses are leaving the Mo Chit bus station and Victoria Monument station every 30 minutes, daily. If you want, we can also meet on Friday at the Mo Chit bus station and go together by a bus to Singburi. Everyone who wants to go back to Bangkok on the same day, can take the last bus leaving at 7 pm.

We have a special price of 400 TBH/night just for you (100THB less than the normal price). But you are more than welcome to stay one more night at Peetim’s Homestay so we can have few drinks together!

Who we are: A traditional Thai Homestay! We help the Kids in our community. Be a part of it. Be a Volunteer!

Peetim Homestay is located in Singburi town, about 135 Kilometres north of Bangkok, and has a beautiful view with fireflies lighting up the evening sky. During the weekends and the holidays, students and children from the area are invited to join English classes. Volunteers from all parts of the world teach the students and help them to develop their language skills.  


Visit the province of Singburi, and enjoy a traditional THAI life experience in our gorgeous Homestay.

The Singburi Province is non-touristy, yet. Welcome to visit and stay with us at Peetim’s Homestay! We welcome everyone with open arms, whether your are a solo traveler or a group of people, we are happy to meet host you and hope you will have an unforgettable stay! During your stay, if you are interested, you will be able to participate to our volunteer program: teach English to the kids and little monks and play with them! If you are more interested in discovering the region of Singburi, or do some activities, we will be able to guide you and arrange excursions for you.

Stay in a double bed room


Our Homestay & Schoolrooms


Stay in one of our dorm rooms


About Peetim’s Volunteering Program in Singburi, Thailand:

If you are interested in volunteering with us, there are many schools around our Homestay which needs volunteers. You will also teach young monks orphanage school, the agriculture college or at other local schools. All the schools welcome the volunteers with open arms. Students of all ages are grateful to receive English lessons as well as cultural exchange from the foreign teachers. After school, the volunteers will have the opportunity to visit unique and wonderful places in the beautiful province of Singburi.

The volunteers will have a variety of places that they can explore. Places such as: amazing looking temples, big lying Buddha image in Wat Pranon (Singburi town), the famous monkey town (Lopburi) etc. lf you have an interest in local Thai sports and fitness, you can try Muai Thai (kick boxing lessons are given by a local champion) or jogat yaga (taught by a monk). You can also learn Thai cooking, get Thai massage or even play football with the locals. There are a lot of places to see and things to do. You can also use one of the available bikes or scooters. Come and be a volunteer!

The accommodation is comfortable with air-conditioning, DVD player and a selection of DVD movies to choose from. There is wireless internet connection everywhere. We have a music room, computer room and a karaoke room, available 24\7.

Working and living together with locals is the best way of getting a deeper understanding of any culture. Thai lifestyle is very different from your everyday life at home. Flexibility as well as tolerance and patience are needed to succeed as a foreign teacher. Experience teaching while having fun and enjoy the thrill of exploring unique and wonderful places. Feel free to contact! We are happy to tell you more about this volunteering program.

At the end of your homestay you will receive a certificate to state you successfully completed an English Teaching Project in Thailand consisting of reading, writing and conversational skills at primary school level (five to twelve year olds) signed by the Director of the local primary school.

Stay at Peetim Homestay and have an unforgettable time!


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