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Where is Peetim’s Homestay?
About the town “Singburi”

Sing Buri is the capital town of Sing Buri Province. It lies around 142 km north of Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River. It has a population of around 20 000 and the most important economic sector is agriculture, especially rice cultivation.
It’s a very quiet place and is undiscovered by most tourists but it does have it’s share of local attractions. There are a few Buddhism temples, a huge Buddha statue, the famous monkey temple, a museum and a monument. The old capital of Thailand, called Ayutthaya is just a hour’s drive from Sing Buri. It is a popular place to visit as it holds a lot of history. One reason why the Sing Buri Province is worth a visit is the beautiful green landscape and of course the warmhearted and always smiling locals! People in Sing Buri Province are believed to be the happiest people in all of Thailand! It is a great place to escape from the noise, the crowd and the pollution of the city. It is quite easy to get here from Bangkok. Its about 2 hours away by public bus and about 1 hr 45 minutes by car.

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About Peetim’s Volunteering Program in Singburi Thailand:

If you are interested in volunteering with us, there are many schools where that the volunteers can choose to teach such as the young monks orphanage school, the agriculture college, Peetim’s school and various other local schools. All the schools welcome the volunteers with open arms. Students of all ages are grateful to receive English lessons as well as cultural exchange from the foreign teachers.  their spare time, the volunteers will have the opportunity to visit unique and wonderful places in the beautiful province of Singburi. The volunteers will have a variety of places that they can explore. Places such as: amazing looking temples, big lying Buddha image in Wat Pranon (Singburi town), the famous monkey town (Lopburi) etc. lf you have an interest in local Thai sports and fitness, you can try Muai Thai (kick boxing lessons are given by a local champion) or jogat yaga (taught by a monk). You can also learn Thai cooking, get Thai massage or even play football with the locals. There are a lot of places to see and things to do. You can also use one of the available bikes or scooters.

Working and living together with locals is the best way of getting a deeper understanding of any culture. Thai lifestyle is very different from your everyday life at home. Flexibility as well as tolerance and patience are needed to succeed as a foreign teacher. The accommodation is comfortable with air-conditioning, DVD player and a selection of DVD movies to choose from. There is wireless internet connection, music room, computer room and a karaoke room available 24\7. Experience teaching while having fun and enjoy the thrill of exploring unique and wonderful places.

Feel free to contact us or Peetim Homestay ! We are happy to tell you more about this volunteering program.

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